About me

My name is Oruzi. there are things that change in a man, some dont seem to change much. I have grown a lot. by the time im writing ths, im 24 years old, 4 years older than when i started blogging. I have changed a lot in many ways, but i feel i havent changed a bit in some others.T describe which par of me changed, , I have read a lot of books, differing in theme and content than i used to read, i had the experience of smoking weed, becoming an addict and then escaping the prison of addiction, i had the experience of going to prison, join gangs, go to winners chapel church, read awesome and extraordinary books, graduate from bible school, go back to mechanical engineering school  I quit for 2 years,..all these are part of my history, though i dont know how much these can explain or describe me …or my character. things that havent changed about me…my attitude, my thought pattern,which i remember cuz i kept a diary since eighth grade so i can say my thought pattern hasnt changed that much.A habit of thinking in a particular way, using particular assumptions is called a thought pattern. I could say a am a positive thinker. finally, i chose some words i thought would describe me.

1 willing


3 sympathetic

4 thoughtful

5 sincere

6 optimistic

7 friendly

8 intellectual

9 self-disciplined

10 quiet


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